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predelava kovin

Health treatment programme

Special bentonite form, which can be found on the location Zaloška Gorica, is bentonite FANGO. Bentonite clay proves excellent thermal characteristics (heat detaining), ability of ionic primaries exchange between the body and packs and ability of continuous water receiving and transmitting. 

Mineral peloid bentonite fango pack is being used as external warm and cold thermal pack, also in combination with massages and in combination with activity exercises and thermal baths.

It effective helps in therapies; it mitigates pain, at the same time it helps to prevent new illnesses of the mobile body part. Cold bentonite fango packs prevent inflammations and reduce swellings caused by strokes. Higher temperatures of warm thermal packs effect on better blood circulation mitigate lumbago and neuralgic pains, reduce muscle tension, and loosen connective tissue. The heat from the pack is transmitted on the whole body, with this function of internal organs and thyroid is improved and optimized; with progressive perspiration harmful substances are removed out of the body.



With warm poultices at direct contact with fango mud and the body, especially the following is mitigated: 
  • Rheumatism of muscle connective tissue
  • Chronic rheumatism illnesses of joints with minor inflamed activity
  • Organ convulsions of smooth muscles
  • In some illnesses of internal organs
  • Inflammation of fertility organs and female illnesses 
  • Difficulties with blister
  • Inflammation of ears and eyes
With cold poultices we can mitigate difficulties for: 
  • Traumas at contusions and dislocations
  • Rheumatic illnesses with major inflamed activity 
  • Migraine headaches
  • Difficulties for varicose veins
  • Swelling feet
  • Inflammation of large intestine
  • In combination with proper nutrition and physical recreation we can prevent cellulite.


Najdete nas na Šladrovem trgu 20/a v Žalcu. Površinski kop Zaloška Gorica se nahaja na Mali Pirešici 5 B.

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