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MONTANITE which consists of natural zeolites is a natural mineral substance, processed into micronic form and has the exceptional ability for selective bounding of ammoniac ions and other noxious substances from intestine and for removal of those substances out of the animal organism.

Zeolite minerals are because of their specific characteristics, which are ability of selective absorption / adsorption, ionization exchange and high active area, an indispensable part in modern animal breeding. They improve the breeding results, solve ecologic farm problems and retain too needed nitrogen.

Montanite operation depends on special “cage” structure of zeolite mineral. Connected channels and caverns inside the crystal structure bind in damp environment several cations on itself (ammoniac, carbon dioxide, hard metals, and mycotoxins, bacterial toxins, damp and other). These ingredients are present in cattle fodder and in cattle areas and cause in intensive production illnesses, ruins, increased food consumption, minor breeding and similar, which has got negative reflections in production economy. Montanite enables in its structure bounding of only smallest molecules (e.g. preference ammonium NH4 + ion), meanwhile larger molecules (amino acids, vitamins) don’t enter into the structure and are digestion accessible. 


Researches in Japan, in USA, Germany, Austria and Italy and also in our country demonstrated that zeolites bind on themselves 80 % of aflatoxin B-1 in solution. Researches demonstrated similar results also in binding of vomitoxin, T-2 toxin, zearalenone and oosporein. With zeolite usage the influence of mentioned mycotoxins for survival and growth of chickens, for food consumption and egg production was extremely reduced.

Because of large area of caverns and channels in crystal structure, montanite disposes food in digestion process to a thinner floor, which enables better absorption of nutritive substances, it slows down the digestion process, reduces food consumption for swine for 5-8 %, for broilers for 4-6 % and for layers for 4-7 %, egg production is increased for 3-5 %.

In large intestine montanite binds on itself digestion products, which the organism eliminates. Montanite doesn’t work active on digestion, with travelling through the digestive tract it binds on itself mentioned compounds, which are eliminated with excrement ejection and doesn’t leave any of harmful leavings in milk, meat and eggs. Therefore montanite eliminates only harmful substances from the organism.


Fodder preparation:
  • binds large amounts of free humidity in fodder
  • improves fodder scatter, intensifies the ability of palletozation
  • reduces microbiological deterioration of fodder and extends the storage time 
Animal digestion: 
  • slows down food proceeds through digestion organs, accelerates stomach and intestine function, increases absorption of nutritive substances
  • stimulates elimination of antibodies from the stomach and therefore prevents diarrhea
  • binds on itself toxins, which are mostly eliminated from the body 
Soil and environment:
  • excrements are less malodorous, because of larger amount of binding ammoniac and are more dryer, because of binding humidity
  • dung and liquid manure are rich with binding nitrogen, so that zeolite works in soil as slowly loosen nitrogen manure


  • with swine with more meat in fat burden
  • pregnant pedigree swine are sensitive to mycotoxin influences (especially death of newborns)
  • with weaned little pigs the problem of diarrhea is being solved
  • better health situation
  • faster growth and better feathers quality
  • with broiler breeding the burdening micro climate is improved
  • with layers egg production is improved, bigger hardiness of eggshell
  • with pheasants cannibalism appearance is reduced 
  • with turkeys
  • In fish farming zeolite can be used as natural cation exchanger in a filter form or as powder, which can be directly strewed into fish ponds.
  • Nitrogen compounds (especially ammoniac), which originate as excreting at fish breeding are most important venomous-toxic substances in fish farming. Already low concentrations cause reduced resistance, illness or even death of fishes. It is a known fact, that already at concentration 0, 1 ppm NH3-N growth obstructions turn up, circulation troubles appear already at concentration 0,015 ppm, when simultaneously the amount of free oxygen under 5 ppm is reduced. 
  • With natural zeolite usage the concentration of harmful ammoniac in water can be much reduced. Zeolites have viz. an extraordinary good ability of ammoniac ion selective adsorption
  • The usage of zeolite filter TUFKO as ionic exchanger is referred especially for fish farms and for aquariums with closed water circulation system. Zeolite TUFKO has in cleaning double functions: because of adequate granulation (2-5 mm) it functions in the beginning as physical mechanic filter, where it eliminates nonsolvent substances (sediment). In lower layers zeolite functions as ionic exchanger and it eliminates non oxidizable nitrogen in form of ammoniac NH4+.  
    Besides the quoted, zeolite functions also as pH stabilizer (buffering agent), because it equalizes water neutrality.
  • With zeolite filter usage the concentration of free ammoniac is reduced for 70-80 %. Therefore water becomes richer on oxygen and in a cleaner environment vitality of fishes is improved, what perceptible influences the breeding.
WITH CHEWING ANIMALS (calves, lambs, kids):
  • lower mortality of lisping calves


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