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predelava kovin


Because of major industry development the environment pollution is getting bigger and bigger – pollution of soil, of water, of forests and air – and this is indubitably a threat for our life. In past years the construction of large nuclear power stations, chemical and petro chemistry industries increased and with this threatening for larger ground areas. 

Montanite is fully natural volcanic stone, rich with zeolites, which has a high ionic exchange and adsorption ability and which is being advantageously used for elimination of venomous and noxious substances.

  • for purification of industrial waste water and for low radioactive waters in nuclear systems (elimination Cs134 and Sr89),
  • purification of drinking water
  • on animal farms up to 70 % of ammoniac from excrements are eliminated; with this bad odors in stalls and surroundings are extremely reduced
  • saving of dying forests, as a result of acid rain. Natural zeolites have a characteristic to bind the toxic metals (Pb-Lead, Cd-Cadmium, Cu-Copper, Zn-Zinc) from the environment and with this they reduce their concentration in soil and prevent, that those elements would pierce into plants.
  • in industry montanite is being used for removal of CO2 (Carbon dioxide), H2S (Hydrogen sulfide), NH4 (Ammonium) and H2O (water) out of the industrial gases
Montanite can be used everywhere where a strong concentration or to big quantity of ammoniac, carbon dioxide, mycotoxin, fats, acids and similar is generated. Its usage is indispensable for their innocuous removal. 

Beside the mentioned, researches showed that thermically processed montanite is a good supplement to improve the purification of technological waste waters, which are polluted with metals and various organic impurities, for which decomposition is difficult. By thermically processing up to 800°C its mineral structure does not change. This means that montanite keeps the ability to bind metal ions. With heating of material up to 250°C all physical bounded water is removed. The material becomes harder and with this also suitable for filling in cleansing columns.


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