Montana d.o.o.
Šlandrov trg 20/a
3310 Žalec, Slovenija
tel.: +386 3 710 26 10
faks: +386 3 710 25 87


predelava kovin


The company Montana d.o.o. Žalec is engaged with extraction and industrial processing of nonmetallic mineralszeolite tuff and bentonite. On the location Zaloška Gorica by Žalec we are winning already few decades’ natural pozzolanic ash – called andesite tuff and bentonite.  Its source is volcanic and it has constant structure.

Natural zeolite and bentonite materials originated form volcanic ash or from tuff in middle Oligocene 30 Millions years ago. The location in Zaloška Gorica is unique of this kind, because tuff and bentonite are present together and it is one of the rarest in Central Europe.

The tuff on the location Zaloška Gorica is extraordinarily rich with natural zeolites; generally it contains 50 % or more. Besides zeolites it contains also other valuable minerals as: flintstone, plagioclase, montmorillonite and amphoral glass substances. 

BENTONITES are natural primary clays with main primary material mineral montmorillonite. This creates over 70 % of the primary material; the rest is composed from other clay minerals, flintstone, cristobalites, mica, and zeolites.


ZEOLITES are part of an extraordinarily important group of stone-formed minerals, which can be found in pyro-classical sediment crockery’s.
They are hydroxy-alkaline and soil-alkaline aluminosilicates. They have an extraordinarily porous skeleton structure, which is composed of mutual connected channels and caverns, along of which processes of ionization exchange, adsorption and hydratization take place. 


Najdete nas na Šladrovem trgu 20/a v Žalcu. Površinski kop Zaloška Gorica se nahaja na Mali Pirešici 5 B.

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